Cloudy Bay Bruny Island TRIPTYCH (3 per set) Aluminium Prints


Cloudy Bay on the very south coast of Bruny Island Tasmania is a dynamic landscape. This series of pen and ink drawings captures the rugged rock coastline and the wild swirling waters of the Southern Ocean.

This set of 3 drawings can be purchased and hung as individual drawings or as a set hung together.

All of the designs have been drawn by hand using a traditional pen and nib with bottled ink. The drawings have been reproduced and mounted onto a high quality aluminum composite panel. The surface has been finished with an additional clear film to allow the artwork to be placed in general interior or exterior locations including bathrooms or kitchens.

The surface can be gently wiped down with a damp soapy cloth (do not use abrasives or chemical cleaners).

Designed, printed and mounted in Tasmania

Copyright – Julie Stoneman 2015

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