Large format vinyl cut transfers (limited edition of 100 for each design). Contemporary fine art pen and ink drawings have been enlarged to become bold and sophisticated interior features. The vinyl cut transfer designs can be easily applied (by a painter and decorator) to standard plaster walls and ceilings, as well as onto glass and metal surfaces

Topology Design launches the vinyl cut transfer product with the TOPOLOGY RIPPLE COLLECTION of fluid water patterns.

Choose from standard wall room size 3M wide x 2.4M high


Order custom sizes as specified by the interior designer/architect/client.

Topology Wall Wraps are available to order in a wide range of colors to compliment background wall colors and interior design themes.

The designs can be cut as a light color to be applied to a darker background, a dark color to be applied to a lighter background or for the ultimate interior sophistication use high gloss white vinyl applied to a low sheen white wall or high gloss charcoal vinyl applied to a low sheen charcoal wall.

  • Topology Wall Wrap designs create an extensive sense of space within interiors making spaces feel larger.
  • Create a calm yet stimulating atmosphere within busy homes, offices or institutions.
  • Lift the mood in public buildings where people might experience stress e.g. in hospitals, health care centers or waiting rooms etc.
  • The artwork stimulates your imagination and as a result they are relaxing, beautiful and a joy to live with.
  • They are easy to apply to a surface by a painter and decorator or DIY (installation directions available online).
  • Affordable large scale fine art.